Grab your towel or blanket to sit under the lunar waves as you enjoy live music meditation with guitarist Ben Marciano and 5 Star Meditation Expert, Sunny! Enjoy group consciousness as we clear away blocks and strengthen our energy fields. We will breathe deeply, move the body and discover the powerful healing benefits of Kundalini technology. We will quiet our minds after balancing emotions so that you can set your intention from the correct level of aligned heart and mind. This leads to accelerated manifestations.

Decide what you want before you come! Write it in present tense and bring with you the eve of the full moon. We will open our throat chakras and strengthen communication as we clear awary third eye blocks to increase our intuition, belief and faith. We will speak our intentions into existence after we sing some mantras! We also do a prosperity meditation that raises your vibration of prosperity and what you feel you are worth. Enjoy life more! Evolve More.

Buy your tickets here. Park on A1A near Delray Beach Marriott Hotel. Pay $1.50 parking meter. Meets third path north of Atlantic Ave. on the sand. Look for a circle of friends.

6:30pm-7pm Sound Vibrational healing tune ups! Chakra Tune Ups.

7pm Meditation begins!


702-553-6819 text