I’m walking on a nature path that leads me into the forest. It’s dark and foreboding but I have faith that I can find the light. As I continue to walk down the path I see a glimpse of light shining through the forest canopy. It is a beautiful scene of light illuminating all of Mother Earth’s trees, leaves and life among us. My faith increases with each breath I take.

The solar energy empowers me. I feel the solar energy nourishing my physical body. I stretch my arms up to the sky and welcome the light. I feel illuminated within. I soak up the solar and cosmic rays. I feel energized, relaxed and peaceful.

Rays of light are shining a new path for me. I take a deep breath and feel the knowingness that everything’s going to be okay. I welcome the light into my world.

I affirm in my mind, “I trust the universe.” The corners of my lips lift and a smile stretches across my face. I instantly feel lighter knowing how far I’ve come on this life’s journey. I take in a deep breath and exhale a big sigh, “AAHH.” I let go of everything that no longer serves me. I instantly feel lighter. I feel relieved. It’s time to enjoy this light journey and love my life more.

I always know which way to go. I feel my belief increasing with each new step. I feel guided on this healing nature path of life. I AM EMPOWERED!

The leafy green ferns tickle my ankles as I walk on the path. It makes me giggle inside. I feel so lucky to have this moment with Mother Earth as I honor this planet for Earth Day. I affirm, “I AM grateful for you, Mother Earth! I AM blessed!”

The more I breathe with each new step I see more light shining on my path. The light shines right through me, through every cell of my being. I feel rejuvenated and renewed. I can visualize pure white light around Planet Earth. I can see Earth returning to wholeness.

The trail takes a turn and starts moving upward. I no longer question whether I can make this journey for I believe in myself. I also believe in the healing power of nature and that invisible force of love while visualizing a peaceful Earth. 

Boulders are magically placed like stairs out of the Earth’s hills. I bound upward into the light, feeling and knowing that I’m on the right path.

I effortlessly head towards the light like I have wings upon my feet. I am grateful for this journey and honor Mother Earth as I celebrate the Earth—not just today, but every day, and continue to raise the vibration of love on this planet.