Meet Sunny @ The Med Spa!

An Alternative Medicine & Holistic Center

Now you can schedule a series of private sessions with Meditation Expert of 22 years, Sunny Arfa

For Preventative & Holistic Care at the Brazelia Med Spa nestled in the upscale and vibrant Royal Palm Place in downtown Mizner Park.


Sunny will be offering many styles of meditation that help with

  • Balancing the Brain
  • Reducing Stress
  • Learning Coping Skills
  • Emotional Balancing
  • Recharging the Brain
  • Oxygenating Brain and Body
  • Creating an Alkaline Body

A journey of the mind begins! (This will increase happiness!!!)

Whether you are choosing holistic care to be:
* Preventative or
*Choosing to heal with alternative modalities or
*You want to add Sunny to your existing treatment plan while participating in chemotherapy or radiation…

Sunny is here to help put your emotions and mind at ease. Learn how meditation is the key to your successful healing path.

Sunny specializes in Sound Vibrational Meditations to increase the vibration of every cell of your body.  Sound Waves wash over your body allowing all lower vibrations to be let go.  The tension dissolves physically and mentally. The mind quiets and you suddenly achieve more mental peace.  You feel lighter. The increased vibration of sound waves pounds out the lover vibrations of anger, resentment, worries, fears and doubts. Once inner peace of mind is achieved, you can achieve inner peace in the rest of your cells of your body.

Cells can increase vibration from doing fun healing things that are good for you like deep relaxation, deep conscious breathing exercises (pranayama) meditation, and positive mind programming that will help you expand your consciousness of creating a healthy, whole body and mind.   Sunny’s high vibrations are contagious and you will feel an increase in joy after your time spent with her.

Now you can enjoy alternative healing modalities that brighten your day and lighten the load emotionally and mentally. Schedule a deep relaxation session that includes sound therapy, oxygen therapy and yoga of mind.


You can also combine other Med Spa services and receive Sunny’s smiling radiant energy while you receive IV therapy and acupuncture from Dr. B simultaneously! Get the most out of your hour!

Make your time with Sunny be the best hour of your day because it  RE-SETs your mind-set to a happier, healthier, more peaceful  and calm state of mind.

Brazelia Med Spa is one of South Florida’s leading medical spas since 2007. Brazelia Med Spa is your entire family’s one stop comprehensive medical and aesthetic facility wit a highly advanced and synergistic blend of traditonal and holistic modalities.

Ask about our Meditation Support Groups for care givers, survivors and cancer patients.
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