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January 18 – 20

The natural and connective environment of Palmetto Bluff is the ideal place to set your intentions for 2019. Transformational Meditation Coach, Sunny Arfa, will be guiding guests through a weekend designed to soothe your soul, relax your body, calm your emotions and quiet the mind. Throughout the weekend there are a wealth of opportunities for sessions and alone time. During free time we encourage guests to reserve a Spa treatment, a private session with Sunny or take a walk and reflect on the day and creating new in your life.


3pm – 4pm Welcome and Afternoon Tea
Meet Sunny and enjoy relaxing time as we start the weekend.

4pm – 5pm Be Present Now Meditation
Group meditation to begin relaxing and letting go of all past and future. Includes vibrational sound waves of the healing gong and crystal singing bowls to slow down brain waves and raise the vibration of every cell in body and brain. Set intentions for positive minded healthy harmonizing weekend of soul evolution.

(Dinner on your own)

8:30pm – 9:15pm Gratitude Meditation
Experience a bed time meditation with Sunny’s soothing voice of love that lulls you into deeper states of relaxation before retiring for the day. Understand how slowing down brain waves and creating space in mind will have you sleeping deeply till morning.


6am – 7:15am Morning Yoga Letting go of issues in your tissues with Sunny

7am – 11am Breakfast available in Octagon Porch, go as you wish or join Sunny at 10:15am

7:30am – 8:30am Reprogramming Mind Rise and Shine with Sunny morning meditation

8:45am – 9:30am Optimal Health Kundalini yoga with Sunny

9:45am – 10:15am Effortless Meditation Sound Vibrational Gong Meditation with Sunny

1pm – 1:45pm Journaling group journaling exercise with Sunny

2pm -3pm Learning to relax is preventative medicine talk with Sunny

3pm – 4pm Tea & Self Love Empowerment talk with Sunny

4pm – 5pm Tai Chi Class

(Dinner on your own)

8:30 pm – 930 pm Moonlight Meditation with Sound Vibrational waves
Manifest more in your life by meditating on the under the moonlight where all your thoughts are amplified!


6am – 7:15 am Morning Yoga Flow Preparing meditative seat with Sunny

7am – 11am Breakfast available in Octagon Porch, go as you wish or join Sunny at 10:15am

7:30am – 8:30am Brain Balancing Rise and Shine with Sunny morning meditation

8:45am – 9:30am Strengthen Nervous System Kundalini yoga with Sunny

9:45am – 10:15am Sound Vibrational Gong Meditation

12:30pm – 1:30pm Empowerment classes with Sunny

1:30pm – 2:20pm Anti-Aging of the Brain talk with Sunny

4pm – 5pm Tai Chi Class

SUNNY ARFA is the owner of a stress reduction company called Feel Great Meditate. Feel Great Meditate is here to help you clear away the blocks that may hold you back from having the best year yet! Sunny is a bright ray of light radiating happiness and positive energy. Her HIGH VIBES will attract you to this empowering weekend. You’ll be magnetized to her and learn her powerful mindful and meditation techniques to alter your consciousness, clear away the blocks and let go of what no longer serves you. Next, you’ll experience how to activate the law of attraction and activate your magnetism so you too can radiate positive energy and high vibes so that you are all attractive and magnetize what you want in your life: improved health, emotional balance, spiritual evolving, mental peace, eating cleaner, attracting love, improving relationships with self and others as well as hitting the RE-SET button for life and learning how to speak your manifestations into existence.

What you’ll learn:
Techniques to reduce stress in the moment and let go of past anxiety, stress and dis-comfort. You’ll experience brain balancing and alignment of thoughts with emotions in heart and mind to mentally create your healthy, happy balanced new year!

You’ll experience breathing exercises to oxygenate the body and brain and bring your nervous system into balance.

You’ll experience harmonizing musical experiences to effortlessly meditate and relax deeper than before.

You’ll understand that yoga is a transformational moving meditation that distracts the mind and helps you go within to transform your life.

You’ll discover how these modalities can heal your heart, mind and body and transform your mindset. Improving your inner world improves your outer world.

Private sessions & group workshops include yoga, many styles of meditation, mantras, affirmations, journaling, getting to know your Self, Kundalini yoga and meditation, mind set coaching, mindfulness, visualization, energy center activations, sound vibrational healing meditations and more. (Privates are 1-on-1 to fulfill one’s personal goals and intentions.)


Energize your brain and energize your life! Balanced brain = balanced life! Get your High Vibes activated!

Activate your Radiant Life with a mind transformational experience with mind-set meditation expert, Sunny Arfa, Founder of Feel Great Meditate. Experience breathing techniques to oxygenate body and brain while calming emotions and quieting the busy mind. Remove blocks with yoga postures and activate energy centers aligning body, mind and Spirit.

Clear away energetic, physical, emotional and mental blocks with moving meditations. Dissolve stress and melt tension with Kundalini technology. Discover the powerful healing techniques that increase CLARITY, intuition and activates ones magnetism. Live a more joyful, happy, peaceful and balanced life. Discover why learning to meditate is key to your improved wellness and living the life you desire!

Private sessions are catered to your own personal goals and desires.

Private Sessions
$333 – 60 min
$444 – 90 min

Add to the above:
30 min $150,
60 min. $300 (schedule alone 60 min $333)

Mind Body Soul Vacations!

Private Beach Sessions & Small Group Retreats for Ladies!

Sunny is available for:

  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Sound Vibrational Healing
  • Self Love
  • Creating positive mind shift
  • Becoming a powerful manifestor
  • Healing emotional body
  • Achieving mental peace
  • Guide for Spiritual Awakening
If coming from out of town, you can stay near by at the Boca Raton Resort or Hyatt or Delray Beach Marriott.

Contact me at 561-703-3267


Creator of Feel Great Meditate™

Also available:
Join Sunny for a healing Sound Bath to de-clutter the mind and join Petra Mertl, Nutritional Healer, Pro-Body builder /fitness trainer for a Nutritional Plan to reverse chronic conditions by using food as thy medicine.