Client Testimonials

Here are just a few reviews from customers that have used the techniques in this program to improve their quality of life. Sunny can teach you how to do the same.

Sunny is the Best. I have attended 2 Feel Great Meditate group session with her in the last 2 weeks and my attitude has totally shifted. I had a really tough year with cancer, chemo and my marriage. I now feel like me again after her loving words and active meditations. I got more in 1 session with her than months of couples therapy. I’m sick of being sick and look forward to an awesome healthy and happy future. Thank you Sunny!
I loved this program. I started to improve my sleep! I visualized new intentions like earning a raise and increasing my finances and everything I meditated on after implementing the tools and techniques did happen! I’m a believer in meditation and the magical powers of the mind now. Who knew, it would be so easy? Just a few daily exercises that I learned and use every day makes every day a better day! I am amazed at how much better my life is! I even have better self control to eat healthier and have made some healthy food choices and love to exercise not only my mind, but my body too. I’m sold. It works!
Tom G.
Sunny’s private sessions helped me overcome my “Monkey Mind”. Her voice is so calming that when she does a guided meditation, I feel a million miles away. I would recommend her wether you are a beginner or advanced person practicing meditation.
Michel H.
When I started Sunny’s program, Feel Great Meditate, I was feeling tired, miserable and confused about what to do in my life to get un-stuck. After just one session, my mind became so quiet that I realized just how off my energy was. I realized how unaware I was about the internal dialogue in my head! I realized that my thoughts were not in alignment with the feelings in my heart. By the end of session two, I was able to start quieting the mind chatter by implementing the tools the program offered. Sunny taught me simple techniques to slow down my busy mind and get focused. I have since completed the program and feel like a new aware, mentally clear headed business woman again. My entire frame of mind changed. Thank you Sunny!
Susan M.
I never thought it would be possible! I was able to create inner peace within my head! It is true, you can start this program and learn how to meditate and see how it is the key to living a better life! Once your mind is quiet at last, you can clearly see what to do next, utilize your intuition and flow better with life. Everything became easier. I learned to be a conscious creator of my life and take responsibility for my thoughts so I could live the life I truly desired!
Donna K.
I loved the way my brain felt after doing this program! I learned simple techniques to help me relax my physical body and calm my nervous system. I couldn’t believe how powerful this was! I noticed this was the key for getting into my mind. I was a very negative thinker and now I am a positive thinker and boy, what a difference it has made in my life. I improved my job performance, got a raise and felt better about my relationships with my co-workers, my kids and my husband. This was huge! I finally felt like I could balance work, hubby, kids and home. Once I learned the program’s techniques that I have implemented in my daily routine, I can really tell a difference in my life. I worry less. I have more patience for my kids. I am having better relationships because I am more present and can enjoy living in the moment with my family. I no longer rush around like a chicken with its head cut off! At last, I feel balanced mentally and emotionally.
Jennifer H.

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